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Posted on May 12, 2010


Nu scriu un blog pentru trafic, monetizare, etc. Recunosc, cateva tag-uri mi-au adus disproportionat de multe vizite, dar au fost total neintentionate.  Dincolo de toate, a face SEO pe blog cu masura si responsabilitate  este un aspect ce tine de “profesionalizarea” blogului in termeni de comunicare mediata prin ,,tag-uri” avand ca scop ultim vizibilitatea mai mult pentru cautatorul de informatii decat pentru blogger (raporturile sunt interrelate).

Am gasit un site care ofera un feedback rapid asupra paginilor personale, bloguri, etc din perspectiva SEO: Yieldsoftware .

Rezultatul (rezultatul complet are 9 pagini A4):

SEO Improvement Opportunities

The Yield SEO Analyzer has analyzed your page to improve its natural search ranking. We have identified 3 opportunities to help improve your search rank and increase the traffic to your site:

Single H1 tag

Headers help search engines understand your content. The primary header, specified by what is known as an H1 tag, is an important factor for search engines in determining what your page is about. You should have a single H1 tag on your web page. Note that pages with multiple H1 tags may be penalized by the search engines as they indicate a lack of focus or may appear “spammy”.

Recommendation: add an H1 tag to your web page. Your H1 description should include your primary keyword but not be repetitive of your page title or meta description tag.

Descriptive page title
The page title describes the purpose of a web page and is displayed in the title bar of the web browser. Your page title is also displayed as hyperlinked text in a large font size on the search engine results pages. This makes your page title one of the most important indicators of your page content to both search engines and web searchers.

Thus, many search engines place strong importance on the words in your page title tag text. It is important that all of the words in your page title be specific and descriptive. It is also important that your page title include the main keywords that you want the search engines to rank highly for. Including generic terms like “welcome” or “homepage” can dilute the value of the descriptive words, so avoid them.

The order of the words in your page title is also important–place the most important keywords at the front of the page title. Avoid any convention where the beginning of the page title is common amongst multiple pages on your site.

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