România în Wave 3

Posted on November 15, 2009


România,  2008,  Social Media în procente. Elemente cheie.

“Thinking about using the Internet, which of the following have you ever done?

-Blog readership- 69,7%

– Start my own blog / weblog- 21,3%

– Create a profile on a new social network-62,5%

–Upload my photos to a photo sharing website-56,3%

–Upload my videos to a video sharing website-47,3%

–Watching Video Clips-92,5%

–Downloaded a Podcast-64,6%

–Subscribe to an RSS feed-27,3%

Date despre studiu: Wave 3 ,29 tari, 17,000 utilizatori de internet, Martie 2008. Universul cercetarii: ultilizatorii de internet cu vârste cuprinse intre 16 si 54 ani. Chestionar trimis spre completare. Universal McCann Power To The People – Wave 3 Report.

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